• Yamaha 9445C “Chicago” C trumpet – My main axe and the best trumpet I have ever played. (I also have a spare.)
  • Schagerl “Horsdorf Heavy” Rotary C Trumpet – I can’t believe it’s a rotary! So easy to play!
  • Yamaha 6335HMV – Mike Vax Model Bb trumpet – My main Bb axe. Finally can feel comfortable just picking up a Bb!
  • Yamaha Xeno 8335GS Bb Trumpet – This lives in my studio for lessons
  • Yamaha 8310 Z “Bobby Shew” Bb Trumpet – Sure it is a “lead” horn but it barks out low orchestral passages like no other.
  • Bach Stradivarious 180ml 37 Bb trumpet (early Elkhart, late 60s) – This horn has been overhauled, double silver plated then gold plated by Jim Becker at Osmun Music.
  • S.E. Shires – Destino III Bb – Severinsen Model. (Pre-Eastman) – This is a great instrument especially for commercial stuff and paired with Doc’s Pickett mouthpieces.
  • Schagerl “Vienna” Flugelhorn (rotary) – This is very unique instrument with a gorgeous huge warm sound.
  • Yamaha YFH-631 Flugelhorn 
  • Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet – Berylium Bell
  • Yamaha 9710 F/G Trumpet – I have a Schilke large G bell for this as well.
  • Schilke P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet – The same horn I have played since 1985.
  • Yamaha 6330S – Lightweight Cornet – So responsive!
  • Bach Stradivarious 184L Shephards Crook Cornet
  • Keefer Cornet – from the early 1920s. A great vintage horn I used when I won the first Streitweiser Trumpet Museum Cornet Competition.
  • Monette C937 – The C trumpet that I played for the first part of my career.


  • I am indebted to Dave Harrison who has worked with me to design two custom Wedge mouthpieces that I love.  These replace most of the Monette series mouthpieces below when paired with Peter Pickett’s OS and CS backbores.  
  • Monette “2” and “2D” series mouthpieces on all of my horns. (C2 for C trumpet etc) My C2 has recently been re-plated by Stork. Excellent work.
  • Pickett Severinsen Model mouthpieces – Doc convinced me to try them and I am enjoying them for commercial work. Wonderful unique rim is what Vincent Bach did to his original mouthpiece with a pocketknife many decades ago.
  • Marcienciewicz “Ingram” for lead playing
  • Monette B1-2 cornet mouthpiece for piccolo trumpet. This came with Tim Hudson’s original Monette Cornet in 1990.
  • Bach 7E – with shortened shank a la Monette by Jim Becker at Osmun Brass for high register piccolo playing
  • Getzen 6V Mellophone mouthpiece for Eb trumpet – Try it!

My horns always travel safely in my Torpedo Coyote case.