NEWSFLASH! – The new Yamaha Chicago II is even better! Holy Crap!

Yamaha 9445C “Chicago” C trumpet – My main axe and the best trumpet I have ever played

Schagerl “Horsdorf Heavy” Rotary C Trumpet – I can’t believe it’s a rotary! So easy to play!

Yamaha Xeno 8335GS Bb Trumpet – Newest member of the collection and it is now my main Bb axe. Finally can feel comfortable just picking up a Bb!

Yamaha 8310 Z “Bobby Shew” Bb Trumpet – Sure it is a “lead” horn but it barks out low orchestral passages like no other.

Bach Stradivarious 180ml 37 Bb trumpet (early Elkhart, late 60s) This horn has been overhauled, double silver plated then gold plated by Jim Becker at Osmun Music.

S.E. Shires – Destino III Bb – Severinsen Model – A new addition to the stable which I love.

Yamaha YFH-631 Flugelhorn 

Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet – Berylium Bell

Schilke P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet – The same horn I have played since 1985.

Yamaha 6330S – Lightweight Cornet – So responsive!

Bach Stradivarious 184L Shephards Crook Cornet

Keefer Cornet – from the early 1920s. A great vintage horn I used when I won the first Streitweiser Trumpet Museum Cornet Competition

Monette C937 – The C trumpet that I played most of my career


Currently working with Dave Harrison’s Wedge MC2 and LOVING IT!

Monette “2” and “2D” series mouthpieces on all of my horns. (C2 for C trumpet etc)

Wedge B1.25C is a new fascination

Marcienciewicz “Ingram” for lead playing

Monette B1-2 cornet mouthpiece for piccolo trumpet. This came with Tim Hudson’s original Monette Cornet in 1990.

Bach 7E – with shortened shank a la Monette by Jim Becker at Osmun Brass for high register piccolo playing

Getzen 6V Mellophone mouthpiece for Eb trumpet – Try it!

My horns always travel safely in my Torpedo Coyote case.